We are excited to be having our first Virtual Teen Camp this August!

It will be August 2-4 and will include an amazing speaker, worship team, Camp in a Box, games, and more! We will start off Sunday evening with our opening service and then Monday and Tuesday we will have a morning session and an evening session. We have strategically created space for small groups, time to hang out virtually and social distance games and activities. The cost for camp will be $45 for both students and adults.

Follow the link below to get to the registration page and be sure to join us!

Please make sure to register before June 26th so you don't miss out!!!

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to Pastor Kayla Kish,

"IN-PERSON" Teen Camp 2020 has been cancelled

Please take a moment to read the statement from the New England District Superintendent

Dear NEDNAZ Family,


Greetings from your district and camp leadership!  We trust God’s presence and peace are sustaining you during these difficult days of COVID-19.  


We are writing to let you know that Teen and Children’s camps for this summer, 2020, will be canceled.  It was a very difficult decision, made with much prayer and thoughtful collaboration, taking into consideration the following:


  • The financial strain on families - students not being able to work, and parent’s dealing with layoffs, unemployment, etc;
  • The work situations - people will not able to take time off work due to having been off, thus there would be great difficulty in finding chaperones;
  • The dangers of asymptomatic carriers - having people in confined quarters, etc.;
  • The fact that at the present time we have no way to know where, in the graduated lifting of restrictions by local, state, and federal authorities, such things would be at camp time, and could we be able to adequately, practically and safely accommodate such guidelines, even if they were uniformly presented. Even though the camp location may be in one state, there are 5 other states which comprise the New England District, all with varying rates of community interaction for their citizens.
  • There is no way for us to ensure that we would be able to keep people safe/healthy;
  • The regulations by all insurance carriers in order to fully adhere to, which are still unknown at this point.


This decision comes with the full support of the District Superintendent and the District Advisory Board and we are confident that it is in the best interest of all concerned.that we do not have these camps.


Thank you for your understanding and patience in making this decision.


Teen Camp 2019 Video




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