NYI Convention

Convention is a time to gather in worship and fellowship, and to conduct some important business like electing leaders for the district NYI council. Talk with your pastor or youth leaders to learn more information about serving as a delegate. Delegates and non-delegates are invited to participate. This year, we are teaming up to offer a full and rich day of intergenerational discipleship with NDI! There will be full group sessions with Rev. Dr. Montague Williams, breakout workshops, and lunch provided with the time to connect with others across the District. Childcare will be provided for $10, please indicate in your registration.

When: April 27 | 8:30am-4pm

Where: Lowell First Church of the Nazarene

1195 Varnum Ave. Lowell, MA 01854

Cost: $15


See below for important information about serving as a delegate for NYI Convention. 

NYI Charter – District Ministry Plan IV, Section 3 – District NYI Convention: 

  • All local NYI delegates to the District NYI Convention must be members of the Church of the Nazarene that they represent. 
  • The number of local NYI delegates for each church is determined by the membership figures on the most recent local Pastor’s Report prior to the District Assembly. 
  • The local NYI delegation to the District NYI Convention for churches consists of: 
  • The pastor and youth pastor or any full-time paid pastoral staff who participate in NYI ministry;
  • The newly-elected local NYI President;
  • Up to four elected delegates, with at least half being within the district-established NYI ministry focus; 
  • Local churches may add an additional delegate for each successive 30 local NYI members and/or final major part of those 30 members (i.e., 16-29 members). At least half of any additional delegates must be also within the district-established NYI ministry focus. 

Elected Delegates

Each church is allowed a certain number of delegates to the Convention. This number is based on the number of members in your local NYI as recorded in the pastor’s most recent report to the District. These delegates MUST be members in the Church ofthe Nazarene. The following table can be used to determine the number of delegates your church can have.


Number of MembersNumber of DelegatesNumber of MembersNumber of Delegates





If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Kayla Kish at nednyipres@gmail.com